What is Age of Redemption?

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A world in which human civilization has fallen into ruin and wickedness.

Generations ago, terrible plagues devastated human populations dramatically. The source of the pestilence remains a mystery. The orc and goblin invasions that followed enslaved or eliminated those who remained. Now, 200 years later, a group of heroes has a chance to rediscover lands, recover magic, wake the sleeping gods of humanity, and grow in power and numbers to redeem the world from darkness!

The world is dominated by evil.
All predominant governments are wicked or monstrous. Only a few fringe communities pursue charity or justice. Evil rulers, temples and organizations represent the Establishment.

Humans are in the minority.
Orcs, goblinoids, and monsters predominate almost everywhere. Humans and halflings are serfs or slaves, or live in barbaric tribes beyond the fringe of civilization. Small groups of dwarves, elves, and gnomes hide away in remote areas.

Cities are few. Gothic wildernesses predominate.
Many once civilized lands have become overgrown and returned to wilderness, where monsters abound. Population centres are much smaller than in earlier times. There are many ruins and dungeons to explore, plunder or reclaim. Equipment may be hard to acquire. Arcane schools and "magic shops" are unheard of. Wizards & Sorcerers are rare and will NOT automatically gain new spells as they advance. Recovering lost spells and crafts is a major plotline. There is no education except by private tutor. Literacy is NOT the norm and needs to be acquired from someone willing to teach.

Divine resources are extremely limited.
The gods of benevolence and justice are all but forgotten. They are slain, slumbering, or banished. "Waking the gods" is another important plotline. Good divine spellcasters may have a limited spell capability.