Magus Archetype: Gun Mage

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Magic is a tool of the gods and their servants, yet mortals can tap the limited potential of that essence. Some learn to use it to great ability, while others learn to abuse it. Many arcane casters are seduced by the powers granted or taken. Mage Hunters vow to keep them in check. Though Mage Hunters of Evil deities may just be out to protect their divine power and snuff out rivals. Most hunt careless casters, creatures with spell-like abilities, magical beasts and other beings that have heavy ties to arcana unchecked.

Class Features Modifications

Arcane Gunslinger: The Magus is proficient in Firearms and is considered to have the Amateur Gunslinger feat at 1st Level and knows all 1st level Gunslinger deeds. In addition the Magus gainst the Arcane Gun and Gunsmithing class featuers of the Spell Slinger Wizard Archetype. This replaces all martial weapon and armor proficiencies.

Bage Bullets: As per the Spell Slinger Archetype. This replaces Spellstrike at 2nd Level.

Magic Deeds: Starting at 3rd Level, a Gun Mage may select a Gunslinger Deed as one of his abilities under Magus Arcana. He has access to Gunslinger deeds of the same level as he is for this ability.

Bonus Feats: Gun Magi select Grit feats instead of combat feats.

Gunslinger Training: At 10th Level Gun Mage is considers a Gunslinger for feat selection which converts her Amateur Gunslinger feat to Extra Grit. This replaces Fighter Training.

Extra Deed: A Gun Mage may select any Gunslinger Deed he qualifies for to replace Heavy armor proficiency at the level a magus would normally get heavy armor proficiency. GM has final say on what Deed may be selected.

Author's Note: While I was reading Ultmat Combat I saw more than a few character classes get options to take on guns as part of their list of abilities. But I did not see something for the Magus and while the Spell Slinger was good for the most part I thought it was in the wrong place. I am also inspired by a similarly named class for the Iron Kingdoms from Privateer Press and thought this would be a perfect way to recreate that class as a Magus Archetype.

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