Paladin Archtype: The Whiteguard

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Upholding the strictest values of Good and Law, the Whiteguard walks a path narrower than a keen sword's edge.

Class Features Modifications

Non-Lethal Combat Training: A whiteguard can choose to deal non-lethal damage with any weapon without penalty. Any additional energy damage granted by enhancements in the weapon is also treated as non-lethal as long as the whiteguard wields it.

Aura of Good: The power of a Whiteguard's aura of good is equal to her paladin level + her Cha modifier.

Detect Evil or Chaos: A Whiteguard may detect evil or chaos in the same way, but the range is 30ft instead of 60ft.

Smite Evil or Chaos: A paladin can use her daily uses of smite evil per day to smite chaotic creatures. The damage dealt by either form of smite attack is non-lethal unless the creature is an outsider, construct, ooze, or undead.

Channel Positive Energy: A Whiteguard uses d8s when channeling positive energy. But the radius is 20ft instead of 30ft.

Merciful Bond: If the Whiteguard selects a weapon for their divine bond, the added enhancement properties all deal non-lethal damage regardless of energy type unless the whiteguard's target is an evil outsider, construct, ooze, or undead. If the Merciful property is ever selected, it deals an additional 1d6.

If the Mount is selected, then the animal can only deal non-lethal damage unless its target is an evil outsider, a construct, an ooze, or an undead. Its speed is increased by 5ft.

Aura of Faith: A Whiteguard's Aura of Faith extends out by 20ft.

Code of Conduct
In addition to the standard Paladin Code, a whiteguard must vow to never take a mortal life, no matter how evil they are. To them there is always hope for redemption in the hearts of all living things. They must never act or assist in executions or torture. They must deal only non-lethal damage to targets unless they are evil outsiders, constructs, oozes, or undead. Creatures who do not have hearts or minds with the capacity for redemption may be slain outright only if they bare a threat to innocents. Spells such as Divination and Commune can reveal such creatures, as will appropriate knowledge checks as per the GM.

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