Title Author Hits
Antipaladin Archetype: Avenger Written by Eric C 2753
Paladin Archetype: Templar Written by Eric C 3119
Rogue Archetype: Infiltrations Expert Written by George 2664
Rogue Talent: Dagger Specialist Written by Chris 1514
Bard Archetype: Psychic Medium Written by Eric C 1491
Wizard Archetype: Alienist Written by Ben Percy 1644
Bard Archetype: Druidic Bard Written by Eric C 1569
Sorcerer Bloodline: Necromancer Written by William 2697
Oracle Curse: Deluded Written by D C Wilson 1963
Bard Archetype: Animal Tamer Written by D C Wilson 2498
Barbarian Archetype: Beast Master Written by D C Wilson 1922
Oracle Mystery: Passion Written by William Wells 3545
Monk Archtype: Kiseruka Written by Aaron Hollingsworth 1835
Rogue Talent: Zen Rogue Written by Jojo Mcnono 1722
Antipaladin Archetype: Obsessionbound Written by Aaron Hollingsworth 1992
Socerer Bloodline: Twilight Written by David Kunkel 1755
Rogue Talent: Artful Dodger Written by Aaron Hollingsworth 1510
Sorcerer Bloodline: Blood Mage Written by Matthew 2616
Witch Hex: Echoing Pain Written by Caleb Johnson 2012
Monk Archetype: Gun-Fu Master Written by Romb 4707
Paladin Archtype: The Whiteguard Written by Aaron Hollingsworth 1977
Monk Archetype: Shield Dancer Written by Joshua Nichols 1753
Bard Archetype: Troubadour Written by Eric C 1828
Witch Hex: Hover Written by Chancey Scott 2081
Bard Archetype: Puzzle Master of Riddleport Written by Petros Panagiotidis 1558
Witch Hex: Spider Aspect Written by Chancey Scott 1578
Witch Hex: Elemental Pulse Written by Chancey Scott 1493
Witch Hex: Eldritch Camouflage Written by Chancey Scott 1427
Witch Hex: Sea Witch Written by Chancey Scott 1683
Witch Hex: Rending Written by Chancey Scott 1652
Witch Hex: Major Rending Written by Chancey Scott 1286
Witch Hex: Mount Written by Chancey Scott 1594
Magus Archetype: Gun Mage Written by Michael T. Schell 5310
Wizard Feats: Arcane Weapons Written by Ivan 2545
Inquisitor Archetype: Mage Hunter Written by Kris Moreland 2421
Magus Arcana: Athame Spellstrike Written by Tim Jenkins 1919
Alchemist Archetype: Physician Written by Daniel Lane 5820
Rogue Archetype: Assassin Written by Dale W. Robbins 3850
Inquisitor Archetype: Sacred Fist Written by Kris Moreland 2804
Inquisitor Archetype: Agent Written by Kris Moreland 1998
Cleric Archetype: Elemental Scion Written by D C Wilson 2197
Barbarian Archetype: Swift Basher Written by Joshua Nichols 1895
Rogue Talent: Thief Written by Daniel 4132
Rogue Talent: Dirty Fighter Written by Daniel 4058
Sorcerer Bloodline: Phoenix Written by Daniel 6603
Bard Archetype: Mystic Poet Written by Eric C 2649
Oracle Mystery: Shadows Written by Spencer 3226
Inquisitor Archetype: Crusader Written by Kris Moreland 2724
Inquisitor Archetype: Bastion Written by Kris Moreland 1997
Sorcerer Archetype: Shaman Written by Eric C 2262
Sorcerer Archetype: Wonderworker Written by Eric C 2491
Bard Archetype: Vagabond Written by Eric C 2763
Rogue Archetype: Sapper Written by Thomas LeBlanc 2293
Sorcerer Bloodline: Vampire Written by Mark Black 3436
Monk Archetype: Ninja Written by Jonathan 3370
Oracle Mystery: Boreal Written by Daniel Stone 2343
Sorcerer Bloodline: Mystical Written by Ken 2174
Alchemist Discovery: The Alchemist's Gun Written by Stef 4918
Inquisitor Class Feature: Abomination Hunter Written by Mike Lacasse 3378
Paladin Code: Sarenrae Written by Jason Hughes 5806
Witch Patron: Winter Written by Michael T. Schell 3876
Summoner Archetype: Mechanist Written by Christopher 4416
Summoner Eidolon Evolution: Combat Feat Written by Tim Jenkins 3931
Summoner Eidolon Evolution: Glow Written by Tim Jenkins 2938
Fighter Archetype: Street Fighter Written by Christopher 2582
Barbarian Rage Powers: Accursed Rage Written by Owen 2717
Sorcerer Bloodline: Ardent Written by Ian 2685
Druid Archetype: Ape Shaman Written by Ian 2812
Witch Archetype: Voodoo Priest Written by Ian 3651
Rogue Talent: Disruptive Written by Bootman 2245
Fighter Archetype: Vicious Fighter Written by Bootman 2128
Ranger Combat Style: Arcane Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 2665
Ranger Combat Style: Wrestling Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 1836
Ranger Combat Style: Two-Handed Combat Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 2560
Ranger Combat Style: Thrown-Weapon Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 2816
Ranger Combat Style: Mobile Fighting Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 1724
Ranger Combat Style: Horsemanship Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 1739
Ranger Combat Style: Bounty-Hunting Written by Thomas "Majuba" McQueen 2203
Summoner Options: Summoners Unleashed Written by Matthew Thompson 8564
Sorcerer Bloodline: Boreal* Written by Ian 3133
Rogue Talent: Furtive Shot Written by Lester Ward 2530
Ranger Archetype: Arcane Ranger Written by Nochtal Balzer 3710
Druid Archetype: Bonded Wild Shaper Written by Eyolf The Wild Commoner 4519
Monk Archetype: Dread Monk Written by Eli 4195
Rogue Archetype: Venturer Written by Tim Jenkins 4886
Cleric Domain: Suffering Written by Tim Jenkins 3987
Fighter Archetype: Agile Fighter Written by Morten Jørgensen 4336
Arcane Magic School: Blood Magic Written by Morten Jørgensen 4553
Wizard Archetype: Devout Wizard Written by Ian 3627
Cleric Archetype: Priest Written by Tim Jenkins 6562
Fighter Archetype: Hit and Run Written by Isaac Anthony 3177
Fighter Archetype: Marine Written by Odentin 2739
Ranger Combat Style: Skirmish Written by Tim Jenkins 3683
Sorcerer Bloodline: Witch Written by Michael T. Schell 4436
Ranger Combat Style: Zweihander Written by Michael T. Schell 3119
Sorcerer Bloodline: Summoner Written by Matt Thompson 3948
Ranger Combat Style: Unarmed Combat Written by Tim Jenkins 3072
Cleric Domain: Weapons Written by Tim Jenkins 3938
Sorcerer Bloodline: Shadow Written by Josh Stevenson 4008
Sorcerer Bloodline: Geniekin Written by Tahsin Shamma 3446
Sorcerer Bloodline: Nature Bond Written by Matt Thompson 4134
Ranger: Ooze Companion Written by Nathan 2761
Cleric Domain: Moon Written by Odentin 4301
Sorcerer Bloodline: Ooze Written by Jerry Murry 3330
Sorcerer Bloodline: Elemental* Written by Tim Jenkins 4566
Sorcerer Bloodline: Legendary Written by Tim Jenkins 3568
Sorcerer Bloodline: Psionic Written by Neil Spicer 5755
Sorcerer Bloodline: Rakshasa Written by Tahsin Shamma 3608
Rogue Talents Written by Tim Shadow 6986
Sorcerer Bloodline: Psychic Written by Jeremy Puckett 3327
Cleric: Enhanced Channeling Written by Peter Pollard 4211
Barbarian Rage Powers Written by Tim Shadow 4204