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With some quick words and a calm demeanor you make the enemy hesitant to attack you.


You can make Bluff and diplomacy checks to make creatures reluctant to take hostile actions or persuade them to attack other targets. No matter which skill you use, pacifying a creature takes a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and has a DC of 10 + targets level or hit dice + targets wisdom modifier and bonuses against mind affecting effects and compulsion effects. You cannot make this check against a target that does not understand you or have an intelligence score of 3 or lower. Before making these checks you may make a sense motive check (same DC as above) to gain an insight bonus on these checks equal to your wis modifier until the end of your next turn. The benefits you gain from this feat depend upon which skill you use. This is a mind-affecting, compulsion effect.

Bluff: By looking pitiful as if you pose no threat you goad the target into to attacking another creature than you while giving you an opening. If there is no other targets the creature merely hesitates for one round and may only take a move action on his turn. If you attack the creature persuaded in this way before the end of your next turn, he is considered flat-footed for your next attack.

Diplomacy: You calm a creature making it hesitant to take any hostile actions. The target takes a -2 penalty to all attack and damage rolls, and must roll a concentration check as if casting defensively to cast any hostile spells (hostile spells are those that would break an invisibility spell) any rage effects the target has ends (with all the usual penalties).

Author's Note: This feat is meant as a counterpart to the Antagonize feat in Ultimate Magic. I have modified the Antagonize feat which can also be found here.
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