Signature Move (Combat)

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The swordsman took his stance and in a single strike cut down his foe, shouting the name of the technique his master taught him. The remaining enemies stood in awe before fleeing in fear of becoming the next victim of that fearsome technique.

Base Attack Bonus +6, Intimidate 5 ranks

Choose a single unique combat action granted through a feat or class that is preformed through a single action(such as Stunning Fist, Whirlwind Attack, Power Attack, a Gunslinger's Pistol Whip.) You may not choose an action that lasts for multiple turns such as a Paladin's Smite or an Inquisitor's Judgement, or a combat maneuver. You get a +2 bonus on attack rolls using your signature move. Additionally, whenever you strike an opponent with your signature move you may make a free intimidate check to demoralize that opponent and any adjacent opponents. After using your signature move, you must wait 1d4+1 turns until you can use it again.

You can select this feat more than once, each time applying it to a different action.

For Players: You can think of a unique name for your signature move.
For DMs: If your players show off their signature moves too much against the same opponents, they might become adept at avoiding and countering those moves.

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