Seeking Stone

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Lum was a farmer. But he was descended from an ancient vanquished royal line. And so his most prized possession, the Seeking Stone, passed to his daughter. Shenya was forever after known as the best guide through the Great Forest. With the Seeking Stone, she could always navigate because the stone always pointed to the ancient palace of her forbears.

Aura: moderate divination; CL 6th
Slot: none; Price: 18,000 gp; Weight: 1/2 lb.

A Seeking Stone is always keyed to a single object. It may never be keyed to a living thing. A Seeking Stone is always a small stone or statue, often engraved or painted with a symbol or arrow to indicate direction. At any time, you may place the Seeking Stone on a flat surface, in a full round, the Seeking Stone will point towards the object it is keyed to. A Seeking Stone is not limited by distance, however if the object it is keyed to is on another plane, the stone will simply spin in place. If the object the Seeking Stone is keyed to is destroyed, the Seeking Stone crumbles to dust.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Locate Object, must have touched the keyed item at some time in the past; Cost: 9,000 gp

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