Status Badges

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These badges will let you keep your friends close.
Aura: strong divine; CL 10th
Slot: none; Price: 25,000 gp; Weight: - lb.

Each of this pair of small, coin-like objects has a colorless jewel set in its center. If two willing participants place them anywhere on each other's bodies simultaneously, they will stick to their bodies magically, even though no pin or adhesive holds them in place. No amount of force can remove them - they each may only be removed by the person who placed it there. They can, however, be removed by anyone if the wearer is dead, and they fall off if under the effect of a Dispel Magic spell. While both of the badges are worn, the image of a three-dimensional arrow appears inside its gem indicating the direction and distance of the creature wearing the other badge, and its color changes to indicate their status (as per the cleric spell Status). Wearing the badge bestows the knowledge of how to interpret its readings exactly. The gem returns to being dull and colorless if the opposite badge is under the effect of a Dispel Magic spell or has otherwise been removed. While in this state (or if the badge indicates that the wearer of the opposite badge is dead), the badge can be removed by anyone.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item; Cost: 12,500 gp

Author's Note: The idea is somewhat inspired by a minor item that appeared in one chapter of the manga Yuu Yuu Hakusho, though it works a bit differently and takes the form of a badge instead of a label.

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