Accessible Alchemy Lab

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This item is a must have for any alchemist on the go.

Aura: moderate conjuration or transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price: 2,500 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

This small box is about a foot long, wide and deep. The very well made wood is covered in silver runes and resembles a puzzle box. The box itself can be unfolded by anyone that knows the steps involved. As it unfolds, it becomes larger and larger, until when it is finally unfolded it provides a six foot long and 3 feet deep work table. The surface of the work table has a permanent flame built into it, allowing heating of alchemical elements in pipettes and beakers, which are also a part of the lab, and are not damage by the folding or unfolding process. A complex structure unfolds as part of the table allowing tubes to be attached and used for complex extractions. Underneath the table is three rows of drawers holding additional supplies. The four top drawers always contain 6 large beakers, 12 medium beakers, and 18 small beakers. If a beaker is lost or destroyed, the lab will regenerate it at a rate of one beaker per week, starting with the largest missing and working down to the smallest. Also inside the top drawers are 50 pipettes and 100 feet of tubing in various lengths. Any object placed in the top drawers which is not a beaker, pipette or tube prevents the lab from folding up again. The second row of drawers contains 8 drawers, each capable of holding 10 lbs or 2 cubic feet of raw materials such as vials, alchemical agents, reagents, or anything else the owner wishes to place inside. The third row has 16 smaller drawers, each capable of holding up to 2 lbs or 1/4 cubic foot of raw materials. In all ways this device functions as a Alchemy Lab, providing the usual +2 bonus to Alchemy checks. Like any lab, it must be refilled with raw alchemy components to be of any use. Completely filling it with a standard array of alchemical components (which completely fills the 24 smaller drawers) costs 100 gp and a shopping trip to a good alchemy store.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Secret Chest, Burning Hands, Fabricate; Cost: 1,250 gp

Author's Note: As usual, this is provided under a Creative Commons non-commercial license, enjoy.

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