Bags of Sharing

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Jorsh looked across the room at Feyver who was about to turn and face the medusa. Thinking quickly, he took his mirror and shoved it quickly into the bag. Feyver noticed the motion and instantly knew what the old bard was up to. He whirled round retrieving the mirror from his own bag and forced the medusa to look at its own reflection!

Aura: moderate conjuration; CL 13th
Slot -; Price: see below; Weight see below.

This appears to be a common cloth sack about 2 feet by 4 feet in size. The bag of sharing opens into a nondimensional space: its inside is larger than its outside dimensions. Regardless of what is put into the bag, it weighs a fixed amount. This weight, and the limits in weight and volume of the bag's contents, depend on the bag's type, as shown on the table below. Any other bags of sharing that are magically linked or "keyed" to each other share the same nondimensional space. Any object placed into one bag may be retrieved from any other bag as long as both bags are on the same plane of existence.

Bag Bag Weight Contents Limit Contents Volume Limit Market Price
15 lbs.
250 30 cubic ft. 5,000 gp
Medium 25 lbs. 500 70 cubic ft. 10,000 gp
Large 35 lbs. 1,000 150 cubic ft. 14,800 gp
Jumbo 60 lbs. 1,500 250 cubic ft. 20,000 gp

If a bag of sharing is overloaded, or if sharp objects pierce it (from inside or outside), the bag immediately ruptures and is ruined, and all contents are lost forever. If a bag of sharing is turned inside out, all of its contents spill out, unharmed, but the bag must be put right before it can be used again. If living creatures are placed within the bag, they can survive for up to 10 minutes, after which time they suffocate. Retrieving a specific item from a bag of sharing is a move action, unless the bag contains more than an ordinary backpack would hold, in which case retrieving a specific item is a full-round action. Magic items placed inside the bag do not offer any benefit to the character carrying the bag.

If a bag of sharing is placed within a portable hole, a rift to the Astral Plane is torn in the space: bag and hole alike are sucked into the void and forever lost. If a portable hole is placed within a bag of sharing , it opens a gate to the Astral Plane: the hole, the bag, and any creatures within a 10-foot radius are drawn there, destroying the portable hole and bag of sharing in the process. If a bag of sharing is placed in another bag to which it is linked, the bag can be retrieved at later time resuming all functions and without any ill-effects. If a bag of sharing is placed into another bag of sharing to which it is not linked, that particular bag of sharing is shunted to the astral plane and its magic dispelled permanently.

As part of the construction cost of bags of sharing, the crafter may construct up to 6 bags at once which are all keyed to each other.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest, locate object, teleport object; Cost: 2,500 gp (Small), 5,000 gp (Medium), 7,400 gp (Large), 10,000 gp (Jumbo)

Author's Note: I created this item for my campaigns, and recommend it to those GMs that hate down-time brought about by item management. Essentially, anything placed in a "party pot" (potions, scrolls, coins, etc) can be accessed by any PC possessing a Bag of Sharing.

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