Merciful Vigilante

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A completely different type of Assassin.

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Servants of death, a Doomguide is a worshipper of Kelemvor. Their devotion is recognised, as the god of Judgement grants them power over death.

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Divine Signifier

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Within all Hellknight orders, there are some divine spellcasters. These are a sub-set of the Signifiers, who, along with their arcane brethren, wield the power of magic in the name of their order.

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There is no denying the strength of dragons. Some divine spellcasters envy the power of these magnificent creatures in the hopes that one day, they could claim that same power as their own.

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Hellfire Warlock

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Every man has a price. Mine was unparalleled power.

Tapping into the power granted by Hell is a dangerous, if not damning act. By tapping into this infernal power source, they can enhance the power of their eldritch blasts and the magic items that they wield with hellfire.

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The tradition of Bladesinging has been passed down through the elven families for millennia. The martial art has perfectly mated the skills of sword and spell into a beautiful and lethal dance.

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While many Wizards spend their time in arcane libraries or in dusty tombs searching for arcane secrets, some lack the luxury of stable living. These mages make up for their lack of security with a talent at having the right spell for the right encounter. With frequent practice (or need) these mages take the skill of spell memorization to the next level.

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Ethereal Hunter

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The incorporeal creatures that reside in the world are often a challenge for the unprepared adventurer. Such foes are either immune or resistant to most forms of damage making them difficult to deal with. However, there are a few individuals who have learned the art of ghostwalking, in order to deal with such foes without having special gear or material.

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The sangromancer takes the art of arcane magic a step further than most wizards and sorcerers would risk. These mages practice an art that is commonly known as “Blood Magic”. The art is as gruesome as it is powerful, and although not inherently evil, many people are suspicious of the bloody nature of sangromancers.

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Sacred Arrow

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Elves or half-elves who seek to perfect the use of the bow in service to their deity sometimes pursue the path of the Sacred Arrow. Sacred Arrows are masters of ranged combat, as they possess the ability to strike at targets with unerring accuracy and can imbue their arrows with powerful spells. Arrows fired by Sacred Arrows smite the enemies of their faiths. At the height of their power, Sacred Arrows can also deliver the blessings of their deities via their arrows, as well.

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