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A Half-Fiend is, as the name suggests, any partblood fiend whose blood is about half fiendish. The most common type is, indeed, born of a fiend and a mortal, and thus exactly half-blooded, but any partblood with a third to two thirds fiendish blood is called a Half-Fiend.

Born, as they most often are, from a union despised by many mortals, those Half-Fiends raised on the primes often come to hate the mortal races which despise them. Conversely, those raised in the outer planes, whether the wild lands of the Abyss, or by the burning banks of the Styx in Baator, often come to hate their fiendish side. Many of this later group are forced to fight for their fiendish parent in the Blood War, and those few who survive are often even more bitter.

Fiend Type: On character creation, a character must select to be Half-Demon, Half-Devil or Half-Yugoloth. This is the strongest type of fiendish blood in them.

Alignment: Any. While normally Evil, they can be neutral and, in very rare cases, Good. Half-Devils are usually Lawful, Half-Demons are usually Chaotic, and Half-Yugoloths are usually Neutral with respect to Law, but there are exceptions.

Type: Outsider (Native)

Level Adjustment: +3

Half-Fiend Racial Traits

+4 on three ability scores, and +2 on the other three: These usually relate to the exact type of fiend the character is descended from. An Alu-fiend (Half-succubus) will likely have a +4 to Cha, Dex and Int, while a Half-Pit Fiend will likely have +4 to Str, Con and Int.

Natural Armour: +1

Darkvision: Half-fiends can see in the dark to a range of 60 ft.

Fiendish Resilience: A half-fiend has +4 to saves vs poison, and 5+(level/2) resistance to fire, cold and acid to a maximum of 10.

Wings: A half-fiend has wings, similar to their fiendish parent. Movement is twice base land speed, with Good mobility.

Weakness in Metal: All resistances and DR granted by the half-fiend race are ignored by either Cold Iron (if a half-demon) or alchemical silver (if a half-devil). If the half-fiend is a half-Yugoloth, he must choose one of the above metals to be weak against at first level. This cannot be changed.

Carniverous: A half-fiend is incapable of digesting vegetables. Should he unintentionally consume vegetables, or similar foods (fruit etc.) the Half-fiend must take a fortitude check (DC 10 + weight of vegetables consumed in lbs x 2). If he fails the check, he is sickened for 4 hours. He may be sickened again from another source, and the effects will then stack. A half-fiend never gains any nutrition from vegetables, and thus never reduces his hunger by eating them. Heavy processed foods such as bread do not cause the sickened effect, and do reduces the character's hunger.

Fiendish Rivalry: A half-fiend suffers a -2 on any charisma related skill checks against fiends or half-fiends of a different fiend type from the character.

Unageing: A half-fiend reaches adulthood at the same time as a human would. At 25 years old, the half-fiend stops ageing. A half-fiend is semi-immortal: no natural cause such as age or sickness will kill them, but they can still be killed by non-natural means. They are still affected by illnesses, but much less so than their mortal counterparts. Magical diseases still affect them normally.

Natural Weapons: A half-fiend has two claw attacks and a bite attack. At the GM's discretion, the character may take monster feats pertaining to natural weapons.

Smite: At first level, the Half-Fiend may choose Good, Law or Chaos. He may not be of the alignment he chooses. He gains the ability to smite the chosen alignment once per day, as per the Paladin's 'Smite Evil' class feature. Once this decision has been made, it may not be altered. If the half-fiend ever becomes the alignment that he is able to smite, he loses the ability to smite that alignment, and the GM will choose an appropriate other alignment for the smite to affect in stead.

Spell-Like Abilities: A half-fiend has a cumulative number of spell-like abilities set by its level. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable 1/day. CL equals the character's level. These abilities make use of either Intelligence or Wisdom (chosen at 1st level) for save DCs. Should the statistic he chose to base his spell DCs on ever fall below 10, he may not use any of these spell-like abilities until the statistic has been restored to at least 10. A Good-aligned half-fiend may, at the GM's discretion, swap all of these spells for their Good equivalents.

Level Spell
Darkness 3/day
3rd Desecrate
5th Unholy Blight
7th Poison 3/day
9th Contagion
11th Blasphemy
13th Unholy Aura 3/day, Unhallow
15th Horrid Wilting
17th Summon Monster IX (Evil Creatures only)
19th Destruction

Racial Feats

These feats may be taken as general feats. They may never be taken using bonus feats.

Fiend's Hide

Half-Fiend or Heir-Fiend, 3rd level. Con 14

Your skin becomes more resilient. You gain DR 5/Magic. This DR is also ignored by the metal from Weakness in Metal.

Fiend's Hide, Greater

Half-Fiend, 10th level, Con 16, Fiend's Hide

The DR from Fiend's Hide increases to DR 10/Magic. This is still ignored by the metal from Weakness in Metal.

Author's Note: This race is level adjusted. The rules for level adjustment are the same as for D&D 3.5. It is advised that level adjusted races only be used in games where the starting level is at least twice the level adjustment. Therefore, using a race with a +2 level adjustment is ill-advised in a game starting at 3rd level or lower.

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