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Awakened are not a race with a community or culture. They are the result of a rare interaction between potent divine magic and the undead.

The precise manner in which Awakened come to be is a mystery to mortals, but the basics are as follows: A zombie's connection to the negative energy plane is severed. As the energy drains away from the undead vessel, a massive burst of positive energy takes it's place. The rush of positive energy restores the mind and removes the unholy taint that forces zombies to be evil, but it does not completely restore their body. Curiously, it does not remove their physical hunger for brains either.

Awakened recall nothing of their time spent as undead, and only vague flashes of memory from their past life. In fact, awakened are not the resurrected soul that previously inhabited the body, but a completely new being with a new soul born as an adult unto the formerly undead body.

Awakened have personalities as diverse as they come. Some are curious as to how they came to be, what their former selves did in life, or if there are others like them in the world. Some feel cursed by their hunger for flesh while others feel power and pride as they indulge in their ability. Their bodies are whole and look normal, except for an unhealthy green glow and blotches of purple/green bruises on their skin. Awakened can live 60-80 years. When their time comes, they spontaneously begin rotting in accelerated fashion, but they know when their time is near one month in advance.

Awakened Racial Traits

+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom: An awakened's physical power was bolstered by undeath, which also gives them a unique insight on life, but their rotting bodies do not respond as fast as they used to.

Medium Humanoid: Awakened do not count as Undead for the purpose of spells or effects.

Darkvision: 60ft

Zombie Hunger: Whenever they see a corpse, awakened must succeed at a DC 10 Will save or be compelled to eat a corpse's brains. This save increases by 1 for each additional corpse in the area, and by 2 in situations where temptation is greater than normal (exposed brains, thought devourer, brain ooze, etc).

Brain Eater: If an awakened eats a portion of the brain of a creature with Intelligence 3 or greater, they gain a +2 insight bonus on all skill checks and Will saving throws for 1 hour. Eating a brain is full-round action, and the target must be dead or helpless.

Partially Undead: Awakened have a +2 racial bonus against disease, poison and paralysis. Awakened have DR5/- against nonlethal damage.

Unsettling Appearance: Awakened have a -4 racial penalty to Diplomacy and a +4 racial bonus to Intimidate as long as the target can see their face or body. Unsettling appearance can be ignored with a successful Disguise check.

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