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In the language of the Arak, the word arak means The First. This is the source of their pride, their noble carriage, and their isolation. According to the other races of the world, the Arak are little more than blue-skinned barbarians. If you called an Araki a barbarian, he would probable snort and mutter, "What do you know? You are but a simple t'endrak." Unless you spoke Araki, the fact that you had just been named the worst insult than one of the Arak can utter would me lost on you. If you did speak it, you'd know that he'd just called you a Second. That is the core of the Arak worldview. You are either one of the Arak, or you are just a Second…simple, foolish, and one of the lost.

All Arak have blue skin, black hair and reddish colored eyes. There is almost no variation among them. Most wear their hair long. Warriors wear a single long braid with bands of color that signify the battles that they have won. Women, if they do not wear their hair long and loose, will wear two braids, and if married will wear the same bands as their warrior husband, but only in the right-hand braid. If their husband was killed, the bands will be transferred to the left-hand braid. They stand between 5'4"-6'2", with males averaging toward the higher end. Due to a lean diet they usually weigh less than humans of the same height. You will see few bulky Arak -- even the strongest men in the clan tend to be thin and wiry rather than bulky. They move with practiced grace, and have excellent balance. They tend to wear leathers or simple loincloths for clothing. Warriors and Shamans always drape themselves in the skins of their clan animal. (In the case of the Dragon clan, how they get their skins is a mystery known only to them and perhaps the clan elders of the other clans.) Women sometimes wear a shift or a halter, but sometimes not. Warriors, chiefs, and women rarely wear any jewelry, save for the most special of occasions. Shamans however, always have pendants, teeth, fetishes; bits of carved bone -- the usual tools of the trade.

Arak Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence: Arak are healthy and intuative but they are primative and uneducated by the standards of other races.

Medium Size

Normal Speed: Arak have a base speed of 30 feet.

Low-light Vision: Arak can see twice as far as humans in conditions of low light.

Beast Kin: Arak gain a +2 bonus to Handle Animal checks and unlike other races can use Handle Animal as an untrained skill.

Quick Reflexes: Arak gain a +2 racial bonus to Stealth checks.

Poverty: Arak characters recieve half as much starting gold at 1st level as other members of their class

Languages: Arak speak Arak and Common. Arak with high Intelligence can learn to speak Giant, Goblin, Orc, or Terran.

Author's Note: Copyright © R. Hyrum Savage, used with permission.

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