Prismatic Storm

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Angry looking storm clouds begin to gather on what was a minute ago a clear day. Everyone stares upward as they swirl and bulge. Just for a second the world goes gray as all color is suddenly sucked up into those clouds, right before it rains back down to the ground in a blinding display of devastation.

This was no accident. To my everlasting shame I created and used this terrible spell on purpose. No one must know how this is done, and I pray it will never happen again. - RH

School conjuration (summoning); Level wizard/sorcererer 9
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, M (crushed prism dust)
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target/Effect/Area 360-ft.-radius storm cloud
Duration concentration (maximum 10 rounds)
Saving Throw see text; Spell Resistance yes

This spell causes shimmering, multicolored storm clouds to quickly gather over your target which rain down streaking beams of colored light on those below. Each beam has a different power. Creatures in the area of the spell with 8 HD or less are automatically blinded for 2d4 rounds. Other creatures receive a fortitude save or are blinded for 2d4 rounds. Every creature in the area is randomly struck by one or more beams each round they remain within the storms area of affect. Each beam has one of the following
effects. (Reflex save each round negates being hit by beam that round)

Each round you continue to concentrate, the spell generates additional effects as noted below. Each effect occurs on your turn.

1d8 Color of Beam
1 Red 20 points fire damage (Reflex half)
2 Orange 40 points acid damage (Reflex half)
3 Yellow 80 points electricity damage (Reflex half)
4 Green Poison (Frequency 1/rd. for 6 rd.; Init. effect death; Sec. effect 1 Con/rd.; Cure 2 consecutive Fortitude saves)*
5 Blue Flesh to Stone, as the spell (Fortitude negates)
6 Indigo Insanity, as the spell (Will negates)
7 Violet Sent to another plane (Will negates)
8 Struck by two rays Roll twice more, ignoring any "8" results

2nd round: Acid fog fills the area creating a billowing mass of misty vapors like the solid fog spell. In addition to slowing down creatures and obscuring sight, the vapors are highly acidic. Each round on your turn, starting on your second round of concentration on this spell, the fog deals 2d6 points of acid damage to each
creature and object within it. (no save)

3rd round: The ground under the storms affect begins to shake and tear open. Each creature standing in the area must make a Reflex save (spell 15) or fall down. Fissures open in the earth, and every creature on
the ground has a 25% chance to fall into one (Reflex DC 25 to avoid a fissure). The fissures are 40 feet deep.

4th round: Magma surges up in geysers from the ground and out of the opened fissures under the storms area doing 4d6 fire damage to those in the area. (reflex half) Treat creatures still inside open fissures as if they were
completely immersed in the lava.

5th through 10th rounds: Driving sleet blocks all sight (even darkvision) within it and causes the ground in the area to be icy. A creature can walk within or through the area of sleet at half normal speed with a DC 10 Acrobatics check. Failure means it can't move in
that round, while failure by 5 or more means it falls (see the Acrobatics skill for details). Sleet cools and hardens any exposed magma effectively sealing any open fissures, though new magma geysers continue to erupt. The sleet extinguishes torches and small fires.

Author's Note: Always open to feedback as I'm fairly new at making my own content and want to get better at it.

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