Pathfinder Character Excelerator

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An Excel-based character sheet (in portrait and landscape formats) that incorporates all Open Game Content related to Pathfinder in an easy-to-use, small package. Class abilities and feats are automatically updated and summarized on a single page. The sheet also includes OGC from various contributing 3rd-party sources (including 4 Winds Fantasy, Alluria Publishing, Rite Publishing, Super Genius Games, and The Legend of the Shining Jewel). Please note that this is a beta version and is still under active development/testing. Current development efforts are focused on adding the Advanced Player's Guide material, enhancing real-time application of magical effects, as well as automation of non-slotted magic items. For suggestions, issues, or questions regarding this character sheet, please post in this thread on the message boards.

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Modified Neceros' Character Sheet

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Take Neceros's character sheet, add some Acrobat magic, throw in some automagical calculations and contain it in a PDF file. This sheet is based off of Neceros's 1.1.2 character sheet and lets users spend more time on their background versus trying to figure out each block.

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Landscape Excel Pathfinder Character Sheet (looks better in 2007, mail me at tricky dot bob at sky dot com)

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Interactive Custom Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet

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This is one of my first attempts at a character sheet and definitely one of my first attempts at using Adobe Acrobat. I wanted to create a simple character sheet that was easy to print (low-graphics and ink) and still had all of the information necessary for a complete character. This is still a beta version and I welcome constructive criticism so I can continually make changes and adjustments. Tips for using the form tools on Acrobat are especially welcome.

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Treasure Trove's 3.75 Pathfinder Character Generator

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The fastest character generator you'll ever use! Flash-based and browser-run, the 3.75 Pathfinder Character Generator is interactive and intuitive, allowing you to create a detailed character sheet within a matter of moments. While selecting your character's vitals using the basic controls, you'll be continuously updated on how many Feats, Skill Points, and other options you have available to you. The sheet dynamically populates itself as it adapts to changes in your selections and makes the necessary calculations for you on-the-fly.

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LittleMars Pathfinder Editable Character Sheet

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Hello everyone out there! I have recently stumbled into the world of Pathfinder, and I find myself enjoying it quite well due to the fact that it's pretty much D&D 3.75 which to me is a gift from whomever is watching from above. So I took it upon myself to make an Editable PDF Version of the Character sheet so that you at home who like having thier Character Data on the PC rather then tabletop. You can open and write in this PDF Character sheet as if it was on paper. Have fun and if you like this sheet send me some feed back, and maybe some requests and I'll see what I can do for you in the future.

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Hkdharmon's One-Page Excel Character Sheet

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I made this because the sheet I liked had some formula errors and did not handle monks well. Have fun and feel free to hack it up. I did not protect the sheets, so you can do whatever you like.

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Tyranscooter's Open Office Calc Character Sheet

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Pathfinder_Char_Sheet.ods is an interactive character sheet for Paizo's Pathfinder RPG. Pathfinder is sometimes erroneously referred to as D&D 3.75. While it's derivitive of D20, it has no rights to the D&D name. A D&D 3.5 version of this sheet is also available.

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Bad-Ass Bandanna Studios Character Sheet

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Spend less time on the math and more time on the character. Save your data within this PDF for reference between gaming sessions, or bring it to the table with you.

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Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator

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YAPCG is a spreadsheet tool which is designed to work on Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc and Open Office Calc. It can be used equally well on machines running Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

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