Neceros' Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet

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This character sheet utilizes efficient layout, low ink usage, and realty for everything your character will need to know and show. Made for long term and short term games alike.

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Official Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet

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This is the official Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character sheet from Paizo Publishing.

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Treyu's Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet

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A character sheet for the Pathfinder RPG in horizontal format.

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Kae'Yoss Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet

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Kae's personal character sheet in landscape format, with detailed notation for AC (regular, touch and flat-footed), weapon attack and damage, and CMB/CMD; three blocks of ability score fields for innate, item, and temporary (modified by spells or afflictions); separate fields for all magic item slots.

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Pathfinder Society Pregens for Pathfinder RPG

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This sheet contains more than 85 pregenerated 1st level characters - one for every race/class combination, and then some - ready to be used at your Pathfinder Society table. These sheets are contained entirely on one page and formatted along the lines Paizo uses for their NPC statblocks. This version, 1.1, corrects some math errors from the first version and updates the pregens to the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play, version 2.1.

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Custom Pathfinder PC Portfolio (Generic)

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My first character portfolio submission. Multipage PDF, a character portfolio that tracks a PC's complete progress from 1st level and beyond. Pages are margined so that each pair creates a single front-to-back book-style page for a three ring binder (margins can also be changed to suit PC customisation). Pages are best printed on card stock. The portfolio is versatile enough so that it can be printed in full or just what is needed for gameplay. This is also a generic portfolio, I'm presently working on a somewhat improved portfolio.

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Character Inventory Sheet

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This is a very basic, but I think very useful item sheet. You can use it with any character sheet as a simple add-on. Enjoy!

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Pathfinder Society Pregens for the Advanced Player's Guide

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This PDF contains almost 50 campaign-legal pregens for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, including at least one for every combination of core race and new base class. The pregens not only cover all the new base classes, but also include other material from the Advanced Player's Guide, such as new feats, spells, and equipment. All such new material is specifically noted, to make using the sheets easier for the new player eager to try out these classes.

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Happy Camper's Pathfinder Character Sheets

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Fresh from HappyCamperCo!

Download 1 PDF (4.3 Mb): Expanded 3-page character sheets from the Core Rulebook and a generic character sheet.

Download 2 PDF (2.8 Mb): Advanced Player's Guide 3-page character sheets, including the Antipaladin.

Download 3 PDF (3.1 Mb): Ultimate Magic and Combat 3-page character sheets, as well as the Psionics Unleashed classes from Dreamscarred Press.

Download 4 PDF (3.3 Mb): Optional page 4's including spell sheets, background sheet, reference sheets, and Animal Companion/Eidolon sheets.

As always we welcome feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please enjoy!

Modified Hydrax Pathfinder Character Sheet

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This sheet is a very graphicaly light sheet, based on the Hydrax character sheet for 3e Dungeons and Dragons. It is easy on the printer being 2 pages (1 front and back) with only black text and lines with some gray shading and no images. Plenty of room for skills, abilities and equipment.

Note: Spelling Character "Charakter" was done on purpose as a tribute to Hydrax.

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