House of Thoroar Silverkin the Royal Scribe

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Thoroar Silverkin is the personal scribe of the king. He is living in a beautiful three-story stone house inside the castle walls. The house is surrounded by an 8-foot high green hedgerow. Two arches carve openings in the hedge, one in front of the house and the other behind.  Starting from arches, two paths of carved stones give access to the property.

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Elrohir’s House (Elven Lord's House)

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Elrohir’s family lives in a house built on a big tree in the forest north of Corentyn. The elven family includes Elrohir Celebrindal (10th level ranger), his wife Inwë (8th level druid), their son Finrod (1st level wizard) and the grandfather Turgon (11th level wizard).

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Temple of Water

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The temple of water is a small temple built in the name of Gozreh located on a small island. It is bound to other elemental temples by a magic portal. Each temple has its own portal and those give access to all the other temples. The location of the portal is kept secret by the high priest of the temple.

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Church of Calistria

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Many years ago, a priest of Calistra named Nariel built a church with a safe house underneath. The safe house was built to protect his brothers and him against outside dangers. Nariel was killed by a smuggler just after the construction of the church and the secret of the safe house died with him. 5 years later, two burglars discovered the safe house while fleeing guards through the sewer.

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Red Gaols Prison

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The Read Goals Prison is a highly secured building where offenders are kept. The prison was named Red Goals by the inhabitants of the city. Some imply that the prison was named the Red Gaols because of it red roof; others because many have died in their blood-soaked halls.

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Medieval Inn III

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The Maudlin Maul is a well-know inn located in the city of Westcrown.The innkeeper, Jared Redland, loves hearing good music and listening incredible tales.

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Descent I

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This descent into a very deep valley can be planted in adventure as part of a wilderness trek or as a stand alone encounter for those heroic parties wanting to challenge their climbing prowess.  The map gives a general overview of the descent.  In general, the descent begins at the edge of a sparsely treed plain that abruptly ends in a very narrow and steeply sloped valley.

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Small Church

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First part of a larger castle structure and every castle needs a church!

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Guard Tower

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Second part of a larger castle structure. Call out the guards!

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Small Pirate Ship

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Arrrrrrrrrrgh matey! Your cartography skills do me ship proud!

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