Sahuagin Priestess CR 8

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All hail Sekolah, who has given his maidens of pain powers unholy!

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Priest of the Damned

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The flesh rotting from their bones, arcane currents flowing through the very bones of the once holy cleric! Now with dead eyes he sees. With those cold dead eyes, he preaches the word of the damned! Constantly the moans and rantings of the dead fill the air around these creatures! The greatest creation of Vlorak Mainya yet! Priests to follow him, and spread the word of the Undead Family! War is brewing! Fight as hard as you might! In the end, you still join us.

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Elemental Fusion, Earth and Fire

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The ground began to emit a pillar of smoke. Lava seeped its way through the surface. Soon jagged shards of rock jetted out of the ground. From under the surface a tower of Flame shot up above the adventurers. Bouldars and stones flew up into the flame giving a vague humanoid shape to the being. Crackling like a fire and booming like an avalanche of stone, the fierce creature spoke. "State your business wizard!" Something went wrong, Eddard had never before conjured such a being! Gigglefoot tilted his small Gnome head, "uh, boss, what...."

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Argos the Worrier, 7th Level Green Dragon Cleric

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Argos is a massive green dragon that towers above the surrounding terrain. All around him are wolf riding goblins carrying out his bidding.

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Angra Mainya, 18th Level Aasimar Priest

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Leaning on his the long hand of his Scythe, the dusty cloak and hood covered his simple garments. Those who payed attention, caught glimbses of his Celestial blessed looks, and almost glowing gold hair.

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Barghest Snatcher

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The sword clattered to the ground, blood dripping from the beasts mouth. It turned its head to the terrified noble Lady. With her gaurd gone, the creature was free to feed.

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Vlorak Mainya, 18th Level Human Cleric

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The town fell silent, the plant life wilted and shriveled. The Sky darkened, the air chilled and villed with moans from the temple's graveyard. The town was not prepared. Everyone was enjoying the Mid-Summer festival. There he stood, cloaked in the Abyss, his coat of skin open revealing a scared and skeletal body. the dead white flesh reflected the night's fires. The corpses walking behind him had a hungry gleem in their eyes. Vlorak had found a remote village, a small community of fire mages. Their rare magics could be of great us to him. The elder of the village stepped forward, shaking. "What is it you want?" As much as he tried, his voice studdered and shook. Vlorak grinned, slowly survaying the people and the village. At last his gaze fell upon the elder. His cold harsh voice resounded clearly that all could hear. "You."

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Descent I

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This descent into a very deep valley can be planted in adventure as part of a wilderness trek or as a stand alone encounter for those heroic parties wanting to challenge their climbing prowess.  The map gives a general overview of the descent.  In general, the descent begins at the edge of a sparsely treed plain that abruptly ends in a very narrow and steeply sloped valley.

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Tar Zombie

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A dark, vaguely humam-sized blotch stains the otherwise pristine shoreline. The blotch shifts on its own accord, moving ever closer to the warm sand of the shore. Moments later, the blotch claws its way out of the water revealing an unspeakable horror: a marginally humanoid abomination covered in a thick layer of tar blacker than the bowels of the grave. As the oily mass shifts, rotting clumbs of flesh and exposed bones can clearly be seen. The abomination reaches out with its tar-stained hands and shambles towards you...

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Wererat Guild Leader CR 6

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A friendly smile or a dagger in your back, it's all the same to him.

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