Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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You should carefully read the following Terms of Use. Your submission of content to this web site implies that you have read and accepted these terms.


Any content submitted grants the Pathfinder Database a license to publish that content publicly on the web site. All content visible on the web site is considered to be the work of the original submitter and it is up to the submitter to protect their own copyright if it is reposted or published elsewhere. Content submitters should not expect to be compensated in any way for their submissions and the Pathfinder Database agrees to never charge visitors for any of the content available on the web site. Published submissions to the web site are covered under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License.

All content submitted to the Pathfinder Database is moderated. Specifically, any content submitted to the Pathfinder Database (aka PathfinderDB.com, PathfinderDatabase.com) will be reviewed for content appropriateness (see below), profanity, language, and violations of copyright. The content is also formatted to a visual style chosen by the moderator which usually follows the stylistic conventions of Pathfinder RPG material.

The moderator will make a best effort attempt to publish content regularly and speedily. There is no guarantee that content submitted will be published to the web site.

The moderator will not make an exhaustive search of all published content to determine violations of copyright, but will utilize judgement on a case by case basis. If another source of the same content is not known off-hand, the moderator will assume submitted content does not violate any copyright of any individual or entity. For more information on copyright protection and use of material, please see this article on copyright law or contact someone with more experience in Intellectual Property law.

Any email or written communication from an authorized copyright holder regarding content on the Pathfinder Database in violation of their copyright will be taken very seriously. If there is any disagreement over the ownership of any content, the moderator will defer to copyright owners with examples of the content's original source with priority to published sources. In addition to this, any communication, written or oral, from an official representative of Paizo regarding violation of their copyrighted material will be dealt with immediately. Offending content will be removed immediately.

Likewise, the original author may, at any time, request that any content they have submitted and was published to the web site to be removed. The moderator will do his best to remove content immediately as soon as written notification from the author is received.


Any images submitted as part of a content submission follow the same rules as under item #2 above.


Any content submitted is subject to a review of its appropriateness as judged by the moderator. Either the submission will not be published or it will be returned to the submitter with suggestions on how to make it more appropriate.

The definition of what is appropriate is reserved to the moderator's judgement but is based on community standards, how well the submitted content fits the Pathfinder RPG, and whether the moderator feels the content is offensive to anyone.


The moderator will make a best effort attempt to comply with requests to modify any content on the web site. Only the original submitter (as determined by email address) will be recognized as the original content author and allowed to request content to be modified.

There is no guarantee that content edits requested or submitted will be published to the web site.


By accessing this website, you agree that all matters relating to your access to and use of this web site and/or its products shall be governed by the statutes and laws of the State of Massachusetts, without regard to the conflict of laws principles thereof.


The site owner reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.